How to extract dates from an Object in Java


I should extract dates from an Object, but the compiler rightly tells me that getDate() is not defined on Object. How can I define it? If I can’t define it, what did I do wrong? Should I use the Hibernate library or streams? Thank you.
To transform an Object into DateRange [] I did two steps: from Object -> MyObject
then from
MyObject-> DateRange []

class MyObject extends Object {

Date Lower_Date;
Date Upper_Date;

private MyObject(Date Lower_Date, Date Upper_Date) {
    this.Lower_Date = Lower_Date;
    this.Upper_Date = Upper_Date;

public Date getLowerDate() {
    return this.Lower_Date;

public Date getUpperDate() {
    return this.Upper_Date;



public class Tabella_Parlamentari {

public static DateRange getDateRange(Date a, Date b) {
    return new DateRange(a,b);


try {   
                 if(periodo_carica == null)
                      periodo_carica = null;
                  else {
                      Array pgArray = rs.getArray("periodo_carica"); 
                    Object obj = pgArray.getArray();
                    List<Object> objlist = new ArrayList<Object>();
                    List<MyObject> myobjlist = new ArrayList<MyObject>();
                    myobjlist =
                            .filter(e -> e != null)
                            .map(o -> (MyObject) obj.getDate()) //prima estrai tutte le date
                        List<DateRange> periodo_carica2 = new ArrayList<DateRange>();
                            periodo_carica2 = 
                                     .filter(e -> e != null)
                                     .map(o -> getDateRange(o.getLowerDate(),o.getUpperDate()))
                        periodo_carica = periodo_carica2.toArray(DateRange[]::new);         
              /*  Stream.Builder<DateRange> dateStreamBuilder = Stream.builder();

              Date[] date_intervallo =[]::new);
             for(int i=0; i< periodo_carica2.size(); i++) {

        -> DateRange(d.getLowerDate(), 
                // Stream<DateRange> dateStream =;
            catch(NullPointerException obj) {
                periodo_carica = null;


I don’t know your DateRange class, but it would seem to me that you may write your method in this way.

public DateRange getDate() {
    return new DateRange(Lower_Date, Upper_Date);

The same will still work if both in MyObject and in DateRange you use LocalDate from java.time, the modern Java date and time API, instead of the old-fashioned java.util.Date.

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