How to filter a table via a selectbox using angular


Given a custom table component as well as a custom select box component, I want to be able to filter the table rows by selecting an option from the select box.

My idea was to first add a click-listener to the options of my select box, so when clicking on an option, the onOptionClicked() method will be executed. Inside this onOptionClicked() method, I will emit an optionSelected event:

  @Output() optionSelected = new EventEmitter<string>();

  onOptionClicked(option: string) {

My table component will react upon the event optionSelected:

<div class="tbl" (optionSelected)="filterTableRows($event)">

There seems to be something fundamentally wrong with this idea, however:

  1. My IDE shows an error saying Event optionSelected is not emitted by any applicable directives nor by div element .

  2. The table does not react on the optionSelected event.

It seems the issue is that my table component and my select-box component are different components, apparently they cannot communicate via event emitters. Can someone help me out, please?


I think there is a misunderstanding on the use of the @Output() decorator. This is something to be used to emit signals to other components using this one. You seem to be using it in the same component.

Instead, use a ReplaySubject to retain your filter:

optionSelected$ = new ReplaySubject<string>('');

onOptionClicked(option: string) {

To do the data filtering you could subscribe to the replay subject:

this.optionSelected$.subscribe(filter => {
  this.yourFilteredData = this.yourData.filter(item => { 
   // <-- you filter code

Note: please remember to complete any subscriptions when the component is destroyed to avoid the common memory leak.

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