How to get Header information from wp-api in Angular 5


I am working with a project in Angular 5 and consuming wp-api. With the help of api I showed data in Grid and apply dependent dropdowns.
For the purpose of pagination I need to get header information I tried but I cannot solved the issue. With the help of below query i send to get different information from api with the single query.
How do I get Header information.

 return this.http.get(this.baseUrl + this.apiUrl + '?per_page=100&page=' + page_number + '&filter[meta_value][abc]='+abc+'&filter[meta_value][def]='+def+'&filter[meta_value][ghi]='+ghi);


Do something like this:

public Method () : Observable<HttpResponse<any>>  {
    return this.http.get<any>(`/api/what/ever`, 
    {observe: 'response'});

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