How to group typedefs (using declarations) and constants common to a bunch of classes and using them inside?


I am trying to find a way to group the main types and constants used by my project into a namespace, and then I’d like to import them in all my classes with "using namespace". I can’t figure out why this piece of code doesn’t compile, g++ error says:

expected nested-name-specifier before 'namespace'

What options do I have to have all my types and constants grouped together? I tried making Traits a struct and then using inheritance but this gives problems with templates, another way is writing in all classes something like:

using scalar_t = Traits::scalar_t;

Thanks for any tip.

#include <iostream>

namespace Traits {
  constexpr int N = 3;
  using scalar_t = double;

struct Entity {
  using namespace Traits; // problems here
  scalar_t foo() const;
  int n = N;

scalar_t Entity::foo() const { return N; } // problems here

int main()
  Entity e;;

  return 0;


The language doesn’t actually allow you to import a namespace at class scope. You can solve this by adding another level of indirection, viz. wrapping your class in a namespace, where you can of course import other namespaces.

namespace Indirection 
   using namespace Traits;  // ok at namespace scope
                            // now everything from Traits is avaliable
   struct Entity 
      scalar_t foo() const;  // scalar_t is visible, yay!
      int n = N;

   scalar_t Entity::foo() const { return N; }  // also ok, since in same namespace

Of course, you don’t want to ever have to mention the Indirection namespace again, so you can just lift the Entity out of that namespace.

using Indirection::Entity;

and now it’s as if Indirection never existed at all.

Here’s a demo.

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