How to make the whole Card component clickable in Material UI using React JS?


Im using Material UI Next in a React project. I have the Card component which has an image(Card Media) and text(Card Text) inside it. I also have a button underneath the text. My question to make the whole card clickable? ie. Whether a user presses on the card text, or the card image or the button, it should trigger the onClick event which I call on the button.


Update for v3 — 29 of August 2018

A specific CardActionArea component has been added to cover specifically this case in version 3.0.0 of Material UI.

Please use the following solution only if you are stuck with v1.

What you probably want to achieve is a Card Action (see specification) on the top part of the card.

The Material Components for Web library has this as its first usage example for the Card Component.

You can easily reproduce that exact behaviour by composing MUI Card* components with the mighty ButtonBase component. A running example can be found here on CodeSandbox:

The relevant code is this:

import Card from '@material-ui/core/Card';
import CardActions from '@material-ui/core/CardActions';
import CardContent from '@material-ui/core/CardContent';
import CardMedia from '@material-ui/core/CardMedia';
import Typography from '@material-ui/core/Typography';
import ButtonBase from '@material-ui/core/ButtonBase';

const styles = {
  cardAction: {
    display: 'block',
    textAlign: 'initial'

function MyCard(props) {
  return (
          onClick={event => { ... }}
        <CardMedia ... />

export default withStyles(styles)(MyCard)

Also I strongly suggest to keep the CardActions component outside of the ButtonBase.

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