How to pass object as a param on ngModelChange angular 2


Notice: Im just starting with angular..
Ok, this is what I have:

<select class="form-control custom-select"
       <option *ngFor="let package of createdPackageData"
               {{}} - {{}}

By providing package.count as [value] of a select tag I can bind to it and pass it as param to bindPackageCount. What Im trying to do is to pass complete package (object) as a param not just the package.count (number). However, when I do that

bindPackageCount(package) {
    // package resolves to [Object object]

Per questions from others.. Yes, this is a reactive form, here is its creation:

createPackagingForm() {
    this.packagingForm ={
        packagingProfile: ['', Validators.required]

any ideas? thx


Since you are using a reactive form, there is no need to use ngModel or ngModelChange. The changes will be caught with the formControlName. From what I understand, you want to bind the whole package object to your form, that can be achieved by using [ngValue], which in contrary to [value] binds the whole object. So your select would look like this:

<select formControlName="packagingProfile">
   <option *ngFor="let package of createdPackageData" [ngValue]="package">
           {{}} - {{package.type}}

With that, you have the whole object stored in your formcontrol packagingProfile


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