How to prevent git commit from deleting files


I just did a git commit and it deleted a few files seemingly randomly from my node_modules folder. Has anyone had this issue?

To be clear, my latest git commit deleted

delete mode 100644 node_modules/grunt-google-cdn/node_modules/google-cdn/node_modules/cdnjs-cdn-data/external/cdnjs.json

 delete mode 100644 node_modules/grunt-node-inspector/node_modules/node-inspector/front-end-node/Images/src/favicon.eps

 delete mode 100644 node_modules/moment/min/tests.js

 delete mode 100755 node_modules/requirejs/bin/r.js

I’ve never seen this before and I can’t begin to understand why this happened. This prevents me from building my app for deployment. Does anyone know how/why this happened and how this can be prevented in the future?


My expectation is that those files were deleted at some point (via what mechanism, I can’t say).

If you’re using Git 2.0 or greater, when you typed git add ., you staged the deleted files for commit. git add . basically says “I want to stage all of the changes in this repo”, which in this case included deleting files.

The behavior was different in prior versions (I just validated different behavior against Git 1.9 and 2.6.3).

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