How to send POST in angular5 with multiple params?


I’m working in angular5 simple project (front end) and back end(spring boot) , i want to send a post request to the api rest with 2 parameters idPerson , and idProject , so the api rest can affect the project to the selected Person , i tried doing this in a service with POST but it’s not possible .

This is the code for ProjectService.ts

    if(this.authService.getToken()==null) {
    return"/saveProjectToClient",idPerson,idProject,{headers:new HttpHeaders({'Authorization':this.authService.getToken()})});


It’s not possible to send more than 2 parametrs in http Post , i use httpClient .

Any idea on how to do this ?


The second argument to is the body of the post request. Just put both values in the body and then get them out of the body on the server.

return"/saveProjectToClient", {
}, {
  headers:new HttpHeaders({
    'Authorization': this.authService.getToken()

On the server (Springboot)

public class Dto {
    private String idPerson;
    private String idProject;

public class ExampleController {

   public ResponseEntity postController(@RequestBody Dto dto) {
      System.out.print("Person Id was: ");
      System.out.print("Project Id was: ");

      return ResponseEntity.ok(HttpStatus.OK);

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