How to set accepted values for angular route parameter?


I have to make two types of url: /:culture and /:author, where both have first-level url parameters. While culture is set of predefined parameters like en, es, en-us, br, fr, it, etc., author could be any username from db (except the names of cultures). So I wanna make the routing that could send user to HomeCtrl when param is in set of cultures and if not it would send him to AuthorCtrl. What could I do?

.when('/:culture/', {


You can define templateUrl and controller as functions and make this route like:

.when('/:cultureOrAuthor/', {
    templateUrl: function(params) {
        // AVAILABLE_CULTURES is your predefined array
        if(AVAILABLE_CULTURES.indexOf(params['cultureOrAuthor'])!==-1) {
            return 'urlForCultures';
        } else {
            return 'urlForAuthors';
    controller: function($scope, $routeParams) {
        if(AVAILABLE_CULTURES.indexOf($routeParams['cultureOrAuthor'])!==-1) {
            // first logic
        } else {
            // second logic

This is a good solution for simple controllers. Otherwise consider using resolve from router (docs).

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