How to set the ng-class in order of item clicked?


I have these 3 border classes:

.border1 {
  border: 1px solid #66FFFF;

.border2 {
  border: 1px solid #33CCFF;

.border3 {
  border: 1px solid #0099FF;

I want the first button that is clicked to gain the border1 class, 2nd button clicked the border2 class and same for border3.

Also I will eventually have code that prevents the user from selecting more than 3 buttons, so the user will only be able to select 3 buttons.

Current markup logic:

<div class="tag"
     ng-class="{'border1':selected1, 'border2':selected2, 'border3':selected3}"

However, I’m unsure as how to write the logic to ensure that the 2nd and 3rd buttons gain the appropriate styles. How would one approach this problem?

$scope.clickTag = function(t) {



You could use $index here to mainatain a list of selected index.


<div class="tag-container">
    <div class="tag" ng-class="selected.indexOf($index)!== -1 ? 'border'+ (selected.indexOf($index) + 1): ''" 
     ng-mouseover="showTagDetails(t)" ng-click="clickTag($index)">
    <tag-details tag="t"></tag-details>


$scope.clickTag = function(index) {
  //first check length and then restrict duplicate index,
  if ($scope.selected.length < 4 && $scope.selected.indexOf(index) === -1) {

Plunkr Demo

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