how to stop timer with another function javascript


So I have this code

function timer()
     setTimeout(function(){alert("Out of time")}, 3000); //Alerts "Out of time" after 3000 milliseconds
function resetTime()
     timer(); //this is not right, i thought it would override the first function but it just adds another timer as well which is not what I want
function stopTime()
     //What could go here to stop the first function from fully executing before it hits 3000 milliseconds and displays the alert message?

the function timer() starts as the page loads but if I have a button for stopTime() and I click on it, how do I stop the first function from executing and stop it from hitting the 3000 millisecond mark and alerting “Out of time”?


Use a variable with scope over all of your functions.

var myTimer;
myTimer = setTimeout(...);

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