How to syntax highlight JSON inside a HTML page on the client side?


I am using a HTML documentation page by an external service which renders JSON snippets within an HTML page.
The HTML source code looks like this:

    "product-link": "",
    "teaser_image": "",
    "product_image_first": "",
    "headline": "Example headline",

The JSON block renders without syntax highlighting.
Since I am not in control of the external service I would like to apply syntax highlighting (color) to the JSON snippet via user script.

I found Greasemonkey but still missing the point on how to inject a syntax highlighter library.


Thanks to xander here is the first working version of my user script base on code-prettify:

(function(d) {

  stylizePreElements = function() {
    var preElements = document.getElementsByTagName("pre");
    for (i = 0; i < preElements.length; ++i) {
      var preElement = preElements[i];
      preElement.className += "prettyprint";

  injectPrettifyScript = function() {
    var scriptElement = document.createElement('script');
    scriptElement.setAttribute("src", "");



Thank you for making my day nicer!

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