I am unable to add hyperlinks to a mermaid flowchart within the wiki functionality of gitlab


I want to use my flowchart as a table of contents that also represents the progression of parallel events vaguely in chronological order and their relation to one another.

I know to create these charts using markdown. By adding the "click" line for the "B" node i can see my cursor change when hovering over the node as if it were a link but any attempt to select it doesn’t work.

graph LR;
    click B "http://www.github.com"

Is this a limitation of Gitlab itself?



This is now supported since GitLab 12.1.

The given example works in GitLab Wiki pages.

graph LR;
    click B "http://www.github.com"

Thanks, KargWare for pointing this out in the comments.

Yes, this is a limitation of GitLab. There is an open issue requesting the feature:

Hopefully, it will be implemented eventually.

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