I don’t understand how the code is getting 56, 49


num = 0
even = 0
odd = 0

for num in range(0, 15):
    if (num /2 == int(num /2)):
        even += num
        odd += num

I’m baffled on how I’m getting the results, can someone please break it down for me?


This program is adding the sums of all even and odd numbers between 0-14.
This is what going behind for loop:

num=0, if-statement (true), even=0+0=0
num=1, else-statement (true), odd=0+1=0;
num=2, if-statement (true), even=0+2=2
num=3, else-statement (true), odd=1+3=4;
num=4, if-statement (true), even=2+4=6
num=5, else-statement (true), odd=4+5=9;
num=6, if-statement (true), even=6+6=12
num=7, else-statement (true), odd=9+7=16;
num=8, if-statement (true), even=12+8=20
num=9, else-statement (true), odd=16+9=25;
num=10, if-statement (true), even=20+10=30
num=11, else-statement (true), odd=25+11=36;
num=12, if-statement (true), even=30+12=42
num=13, else-statement (true), odd=36+13=49;
num=14, if-statement (true), even=42+14=56

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