Import static JSON file from assets dir in component (Angular)


I am using Angular CLI (version 6).
I have a small JSON file in my assets folder which I want to import into my component. I want to do this without using a GET request from my component.

What I did:

  • I created a new file, typings.d.ts:

    declare module "*.json" {
        const value: any;
        export default value;

    … and referred to it in tsconfig.spec.json. Here is a snippet of the referral in ts.config.spec.json:

    "files": [
  • From my component, I am trying to import my JSON file as such:

    import * as myConfig from '../../assets/config.json';

At that line however, I get an error message: cannot find module ../../assets/config.json.

I am quite sure that this relative path is correct (I tried several other options as well, similarly for the typings.d.ts referral – but anyway, my directory structure is just a simple Angualr CLI app:

|- src
    |   |-component
    |       |-component.ts

Any tips on how to solve this problem would be greatly appreciated.


You can just import myConfig from 'path/to/json' then use it in your file.

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