In google sheet how to calcul data from another sheet


In google sheet; I have the following table

sheet_name L4 cell data

Each name corresponds to a sheet in the same file.

I would like to calculate the value of L4 for each sheet automatically.

Eg : first line is the value of the L4 in the October_2021 sheet.

I tested with hyperlink but it’s not good, same with concatenate.

Edit 1 :

I found this solution, but if something is possible without the url I take 🙂

here G10 is my sheet_name column



from one sheet to another sheet:

={INDIRECT(G10&"!L4"); INDIRECT(G11&"!L4")}

from one spreadsheet to another spreadsheet:

={IMPORTRANGE("url_or_id"; G10&"!L4"); IMPORTRANGE("url_or_id"; G11&"!L4")}

this is the only way

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