Installation error on angular full stack


Hello everybody since the beginning of the week,
I try to install angular fullstack but my problem is that when I’m set up the configuration with tools I want to use in angular full stack,
I have this error message :


I look for this issue for 2 days.

For information I have :

project name : lol 
python : 2.7 
node js : 6.11 
visual studio 2015 & 2013 (for c++ components) 


and before this project I installed angular and I didn’t have any problem on it.


I see you solved your issue but I encountered this problem myself. I hope to provide this answer to help others who may face this ordeal.

Express server uses the shrink-ray module to compress assets before sending them over http. Nevertheless, shrink-ray depends on the node-zopfli module to install properly.

In order for node-zopfli to install properly, npm tries to download a compatible prebuilt binary. In the case of failure npm falls back to building that binary. A problem occurs occasionally when node-gyp is unable to build node-zopfli.

So, here are some paths you may explore:

  1. Try installing a c++ compiler like g++ on linux. Installing build-essentials solved the issue for me, like installing c++ packages on windows did for you.
  2. Remove the shrink-ray dependancy from package.json and the reference to shrink-ray in the server/config/express.js file.

Answered By – Ben Tahar

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