Is it possible to perform a two way binding on a custom directive with ngModel?


My use case is completely different. When I strip off all the other factors, it boils down to this.

Say I have the following input element

<input type="text" [customDirective] [(ngModel)]="myValue" >

The job of this customDirective is to look into value entered by the user and changed its value based on the input on the fly.

How to achieve two-way binding for this.

I played around with ControlValueAccessor, DefaultValueAccessor. But no matter what I do, I was not able to achieve the two-way binding. The maximum I achieved at one time is view update on model update but not the other way round. But that code is somewhere lost.

Here is the vanilla plunker link.

PS: I already referred the following. But none of them were helpful in achieving 2-way binding w.r.t to directive

angular2 wysiwyg tinymce implementation and 2-way-binding

Thanks in advance


Finally figured out how to do this.

Model to UI changes can be done using ControlValueAcessor

UI to Model can be done like below

import {Output} from '@angular/core';

Use the event emitter

@Output() ngModelChange = new EventEmitter();

Whenever data gets changed emit the event


Here is the detailed example

Using Tinymce editor as a directive

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