Is there a way to list all available css classes for a web page?


I was wondering if there is an easy way to list all available css classes loaded withing a single html page in javascript or through the developer console in chrome or firefox.

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A bit late but …

  for (let link of document.querySelectorAll("link, style")) {
    try {
      if (!link.sheet) {
        console.warn("Warning:", "Property 'sheet' is not set on element", link)
      } else
        for (let rule of link.sheet.rules) {
    } catch (e) {
      console.warn("Warning:", e.message, ". Try set crossorigin='anonymous' on element", link)

or in the Chrome DevTool window (F12), find the "Elements", then "Styles", tab. On the right side of the "filter" text-box there is a ".cls" option. Click it and an "add new class" input should appear. Focus that input and hit Ctrl + Space. A pick list of all class styles in the current opened document should appear.

It looks something like this:

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