Is there a way to make search bots ignore certain text?


I have my blog (you can see it if you want, from my profile), and it’s fresh, as well as google robots parsing results are.

The results were alarming to me. Apparently the most common 2 words on my site are “rss” and “feed”, because I use text for links like “Comments RSS”, “Post Feed”, etc. These 2 words will be present in every post, while other words will be more rare.

Is there a way to make these links disappear from Google’s parsing? I don’t want technical links getting indexed. I only want content, titles, descriptions to get indexed. I am looking for something other than replacing this text with images.

I found some old discussions on Google, back from 2007 (I think in 3 years many things could have changed, hopefully this too)

This question is not about robots.txt and how to make Google ignore pages. It is about making it ignore small parts of the page, or transforming the parts in such a way that it will be seen by humans and invisible to robots.


There is a simple way to tell google to not index parts of your documents, that is using googleon and googleoff:

<p>This is normal (X)HTML content that will be indexed by Google.</p>

<!--googleoff: index-->

<p>This (X)HTML content will NOT be indexed by Google.</p>

<!--googleon: index-->

In this example, the second paragraph will not be indexed by Google. Notice the “index” parameter, which may be set to any of the following:

  • index — content surrounded by “googleoff: index” will not be indexed
    by Google

    anchor — anchor text for any links within a “googleoff: anchor” area
    will not be associated with the target page

    snippet — content surrounded by “googleoff: snippet” will not be used
    to create snippets for search results

    all — content surrounded by “googleoff: all” are treated with all


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