Is there any Difference of Gaussians function in Matlab?


I am new to Image Processing, and in my experiment I am having difficulty with Difference of Gaussians. Various implementation were given to me but I don’t understand them and their parameters.

Here are my formulas

enter image description here

Should I implement this filtering myself, or is there an existing function defined for this? Of course with all parameters which are like in link. I will need to play with parameters and produce different images.


You could Gaussian filter an image twice with two different std. dev. and just subtract them, would be the same as using the combined filter.

k = 10;
sigma1 =  0.5;
sigma2 = sigma1*k;

hsize = [3,3];

h1 = fspecial('gaussian', hsize, sigma1);
h2 = fspecial('gaussian', hsize, sigma2);

gauss1 = imfilter(img,h1,'replicate');
gauss2 = imfilter(img,h2,'replicate');

dogImg = gauss2 - gauss1;

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