Is there any restful api for postgresql?


Im trying to develop a web app using angularjs, restangular and postgresql, im using ubuntu and xampp for development. I found ArrestDB, a restful api for postgresql. In its documentation,

# Get all rows from the "customers" table where the "country" field matches "Australia" (LIKE)

While in restangular documentation,

// Just ONE GET to /accounts/123/buildings/456'accounts', 123).one('buildings', 456).get()

Do you guys know a free RESTful api for postgresql that works well with restangular?

ArrestDB interprets api/{Table}/{Field}/{….} while Restangular interprets api/{table}/{id}/{relations table}. I also tried api/{table}/{id}/{relations table} in ArrestDB but I get error 404.

I also found Postgrest in github but its in haskel, and i’m not familiar with haskel.



Postgrest seems to be a very viable choice. There is no knowledge of Haskell required to interact with it.

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