JavaScript dot notation does not work in process.env


Why can’t I access process.env.TEST with dot notation, what is the difference between dot notation and brackets notation here?




import '$lib/test';


import dotenv from 'dotenv';

console.log(process.env.TEST, process.env['TEST']); // undefined 123

(I wrote the code in a new SvelteKit project, I did not change anything else except for the codes above)


SvelteKit is using Vite for bundling, right? It seems that Vite does "production replacement" for env variables:

Here is how import.meta.env variables are replaced:

During production, these env variables are statically replaced. It is therefore necessary to always reference them using the full static string. For example, dynamic key access like import.meta.env[key] will not work.

And plain access to process.env appears to be processed as well. For example, this source file:

console.log('dot access', process.env.XDG_DATA_HOME);
console.log('indexing env', process['env'].XDG_DATA_HOME);
console.log('indexing var', process.env['XDG_DATA_HOME']);

…will be transformed by Vite to this:

console.log("dot access", {}.XDG_DATA_HOME);
console.log("indexing env", process["env"].XDG_DATA_HOME);
console.log("indexing var", process.env["XDG_DATA_HOME"]);

As you can see, the first line was transformed. This makes sense if you want to use env variables to parametrize/customize a web script, but not if you run a bundled script in NodeJS.

As a workaround, use square brackets to access the env or the variable.

Here is a tracking issue in Vite:

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