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I’m trying to build a review system in WP with Advanced Custom Fields, but I can’t solve this. I want to change the color of a score based on the number.
For example: if the writer puts 0-40 as score it has to be changed to red; if the writer puts 40-60 it has to be changed to orange; if the writter puts 60-80 it has to be green…


<div class="r-summary">
   <span id="score">
      <?php the_field('score'); ?> */HERE GOES THE NUMBER WITH THE SCORE


Fiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/5zdemo3j/

(change the score in the HTML section and “Run” to see changes)

$(function () {
    // Score Color
    var score = parseInt($('#score').text().trim());
    var color = 'red';
    if (!isNaN(score)) {
        if (score >= 40) {
            color = 'orange';
        if (score >= 60) {
            color = 'green';
        $('#score').css('color', color);

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