Lazy-load certain files for routes that don't begin with `addin`


I have a website build by AngularJS and angular-ui-router. In index.html, I load a lot of .js and .css files.

Now, I realize that a part of these .js and .css files are not necessary for the routes like https://localhost:3000/addin/.... So I want to load them by ocLazyLoad only for routes like https://localhost:3000/xxxxx/... where xxxxx is not addin.

Does anyone how to accomplish that in the code?



.state('xxxxx', {
    url: '/xxxxx',
    templateUrl: 'xxxxx.html',
    controller: function($ocLazyLoad) {


As per what you asked in your comments, you can’t have like not for states. You need to map states explicitly.

One way I can think for creating a state which is not /addin, is to first explicitly map them in $stateProvider and then redirect via some redirect state and then load modules which you want to lazy load.

Redirect states other than addin by doing somthing like this for redirection

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