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I’m new to Nativescript and Couchbase, but when executing a query against my Couchbase database I simply want to log the results. Here is my example code:

let rows = this.database.executeQuery('profiles');

  for(let i = 0; i < rows.length; i++) {

When trying to log “rows” using console.log I get the expected [Object object]. I thought I could use console.dir, but when doing that I get:

JS: === dump(): dumping members ===

JS: “rows: “

JS: === dump(): dumping function and properties names ===

JS: 0: r

JS: 1: o

JS: 2: w

JS: 3: s

JS: 4: :

JS: 5:

JS: 6:

JS: === dump(): finished ===

Is there a way to log the actual results from executeQuery?


If you are happy to log out the results from the rows array after they have been collected, you could just use JSON.stringify(), and enumerate over the array. Which might look something like this:

rows.forEach(row => {

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