Make a DIV fill an entire table cell


I’ve seen this question and googled a bit, but nothing so far has worked. I figure it’s 2010 now (those questions/answers are old and, well, unanswered) and we have CSS3! Is there any way to get a div to fill an entire table cell’s width and height using CSS?

I don’t know what the width and/or height of the cell will be ahead of time, and setting the div’s width and height to 100% does not work.

Also, the reason I need the div is because I need to absolutely position some elements outside of the cell, and position: relative does not apply to tds, so I need a wrapper div.


The following code works on IE 8, IE 8’s IE 7 compatibility mode, and Chrome (not tested elsewhere):

<table style="width:100px"> <!-- Not actually necessary; just makes the example text shorter -->
      <td style="padding:0;">
         <div style="height:100%; width:100%; background-color:#abc; position:relative;">
            <img style="left:90px; position:absolute;" src="../Content/Images/attachment.png"/>
            test of really long content that causes the height of the cell to increase dynamically

You said in your original question that setting width and height to 100% didn’t work, though, which makes me suspect that there is some other rule overriding it. Did you check the computed style in Chrome or Firebug to see if the width/height rules were really being applied?


How foolish I am! The div was sizing to the text, not to the td. You can fix this on Chrome by making the div display:inline-block, but it doesn’t work on IE. That’s proving trickier…

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