Multiple function invoked from ng-click also using lazy evaluation


I’ve managed to disable ngClick on an element if a variable assigned to the scope (notInProgress) evaluates to true like so:

<a data-ng-click="notInProgress || $ctrl.setTab('renewal');</a>

I need to now add further function to be invoked based on the variable like so:

<a data-ng-click="notInProgress || $ctrl.setTab('grantandpublishing'); 
                  notInProgress ||  activeLeft = 4;">

I’ve tried the above but it keeps returning an error:

Error: $parse:lval
Trying to assign a value to a non l-value


How do I add multiple functions to ngClick that are disabled if notInProgress evaluates to true?


You can move that code into single function like below.

<a data-ng-click="process($ctrl)"></a>
$scope.process = function($ctrl) {

   if (!$scope.notInProgress) {
          $scope.activeLeft = 4;

So that you can call as many as functions inside that function.
Hope this helps. Let me know for any further help.

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