NestJs reusing a guard that has uses multiple service gives "a Invalid guard passed to @UseGuards()" error


I’m trying to retrieve the current user in a guard to give him access or no.
I have a guard that isn’t doing anything for now

export class JwtAuthGuard extends AuthGuard('jwt') {
  constructor (
    private readonly studentService: StudentService,
    private readonly agencyService: AgencyService
  ) {

When I add it to two controllers like that

@UseGuards(JwtAuthGuard /* CrudAbilitiesGuard */)
  @ApiBody({ type: CreateStudentDto })
  async create (
    @Body() newStudentDto: CreateStudentDto
  ): Promise<StudentDocument> {
    const student = await this.service.create(newStudentDto)
    if (student == null) throw new InternalServerErrorException()
    return student

it throws Error: Invalid guard passed to @UseGuards() decorator

if I only use the guard in one controller, it works fine, if I comment both the services in the constructor and use it in two controllers, it also works.
Seems like nest a casual hidden circular dependency but i really can’t get my head around it


Same result with a Guard that extends CanActivate directly

export class CrudAbilitiesGuard implements CanActivate {
  constructor (
    private readonly agencyService: AgencyService,
    private readonly studentService: StudentService,
    private readonly reflector: Reflector,
    private readonly caslAbilityFactory: CaslAbilityFactory
  ) {}
  async canActivate (context: ExecutionContext): Promise<boolean> {
    return true


Alright, massive noob mistake. In an effort of not having 300+ files I had small modules in the same file (service + controller + schemas, etc) leading to of course billions of inter-dependency and circular issues of all kinds.
Note to myself: Module means MODULE

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