ngNewRouter in angularjs 1.4.8?


I am new to angularjs.
While I tried learning angularjs using a book (The book was following angularjs 1.3.x, I think), I was taught about configuring routes with help of this module “ngRoute”.

Now, I am exploring and trying to understand an angularjs project that follows angularjs 1.4.8. I see this project uses “ngNewRouter”. I tried reading couple small write-ups on the internet about the usage of “ngNewRouter” and understand that it was introduced sometime in 1.4.x.

However, when I try exploring documentation (developer guide / api doc) of angularjs 1.4.8, I don’t see any mention of “ngNewRouter”. Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance!


Angular documentation isn’t alwaays ‘perfect’ :). Here is a link that might help NPM Angular New Router

Answered By – Jarek Kulikowski

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