ngRoute does not fire in angularjs controller


I have created a simple application to test ngRoute. I have a main page called index.html with one link to a page called “informationdisplay.html”. I have setup the route in the controller of the main page but it doesn’t function.

Below is index.html code


   <title>Ng route test</title>

       <script type="text/javascript" src="Scripts/main.js"></script>

  <h2> Select Location from List</h2>
  <a href="#info">Information</a>      

My code in the controller

var mainApp = angular.module("mainApp",['ngRoute']);

mainApp.config(function ($routeProvider) {

    $routeProvider.when('/info', {
        templateUrl: 'informationdisplay.html',
        controller: 'informationController'
    }).otherwise({ redirectTo: '/' });


mainApp.controller('mainController', function ($scope,$rootScope) {


You are missed to configure several things.

  1. ng-view directive should be added index.html so that route template will be loaded at that place.
  2. href="#info" should be href="#/info"
  3. Change redirectTo to the, info

      <h2> Select Location from List</h2>
      <a href="#/info">Information</a>
      <div ng-view></div>

Answered By – Pankaj Parkar

Answer Checked By – Cary Denson (AngularFixing Admin)

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