Node.js "TypeError: process.nextTick is not a function"?


Is hosting a discord.js bot. The bot’s function is using fs.watchFile and fs.readFile to monitoring changes in a text files and send Discord embed that summarises the data entries within a target.txt file. However, the bot always crash after running for a few hours and throwing process.nextTick error:

   process.nextTick(resume, websocket._socket);

TypeError: process.nextTick is not a function
   at Receiver.receiverOnConclude (C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\Bot\node_modules\ws\lib\websocket.js:1035:11)
   at Receiver.emit (node:events:526:28)
   at Receiver.controlMessage (C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\Bot\node_modules\ws\lib\receiver.js:576:14)
   at Receiver.getData (C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\Bot\node_modules\ws\lib\receiver.js:423:42)
   at Receiver.startLoop (C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\Bot\node_modules\ws\lib\receiver.js:148:22)
   at Receiver._write (C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\Bot\node_modules\ws\lib\receiver.js:83:10)
   at writeOrBuffer (node:internal/streams/writable:389:12)
   at _write (node:internal/streams/writable:330:10)
   at Receiver.Writable.write (node:internal/streams/writable:334:10)
   at TLSSocket.socketOnData (C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\Bot\node_modules\ws\lib\websocket.js:1187:35)

All these code is working except getting the process.nextTick’s TypeError every few hours, unsure which part caused the error…or can the error be bypass by monkey patching?


Did not find a way to fix the discord.js script from getting that process.nextTick error but pm2 npm package can at least prevent script from stopping.

How to use pm2 to autorestart my discord bot

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