Only allow specific file extensions in angular-file-upload module to be clickable


I’m using this module,

I am using their simple example,

When you click “Choose file” button, it will open a window which allows us to pick a file that we want to upload. What I would like to happen is to only allow specific file extensions to be clicked. Is there a non-documented configuration which will do that?

For example, in the config, we only allowed .txt extensions, when I click “Choose file” button, it will open up a window and show all the files. However, files that doesn’t have the extension .txt will be disabled.

I’m not doing this for security purposes. I am just following the design/instructions provided to me. 🙂 I can always use mitm tools to intercept and allow other extensions to be uploaded.


You can simply achieve your goal by doing this


<input ui-jq="filestyle" type="file" nv-file-select="" accept=".txt" uploader="uploader" data-icon="false" data-classButton="btn btn-default" data-classInput="form-control inline v-middle input-s" multiple>

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