Open MatDialog via dynamically added 'Click' event to an element


I have an HTML list where I set .active class dynamically. Those elements that have this class need to have a ‘Click’ event that opens MatDialog. The problem is that I’m getting an error when trying to do something like that:

Angular component .html file

  <li><span id="asd">asd</span></li>

Angular component .ts file

constructor(private el: ElementRef) {}
this.el.nativeElement.querySelector('#asd').addEventListener('click', this.selectTimeslot);
selectTimeslot() {
  let asd2: MatDialogRef<CalendarDialogComponent, any> =, { disableClose: true });

  asd2.afterClosed().subscribe(result => {
    console.log(`Dialog result: ${result}`);

Then when I click an element of the list I’m getting an error:

TypeError: Cannot read property ‘open’ of undefined

Everything is working fine when I statically declare (click) directive inside HTML like that:

  <li><span (click)="selectTimeslot()">asd</span></li>

How I can dynamically add a click event to the span element and be able to open the MatDialog component in the Angular 9? Thanks in advance.


I’ve found a solution myself. This was a classical "this context" problem.

let self = this;
this.el.nativeElement.querySelector('#asd').addEventListener('click', function() { self.selectTimeslot(this););

At the beginning of the function, I’ve created a new variable, which points to the context of the Angular component. Then as a parameter, I’m passing the context of the "click event".

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