pandas: generate a dataframe, column a: start till end date (months) and two more columns


My question was to generic.
Ok, other try.
I want a dataframe with monthly dates in the first column a.
THen i want to go through the dates and fill the values in row b and c

import pandas as pd
from pandas import *
import datetime as dt

#try to generate a dataframe with dates

#This ist the dataframe, but how can I fill the dates
dfa = pd.DataFrame(columns=['date',  '1G', '10G'])
#This are the dates, but how to get them into the dataframe
#and how to add values in the empty cells
idx = pd.date_range("2016-01-01", periods=55, freq="M")
ts = pd.Series(range(len(idx)), index=idx)


If need column filled by datetimes:

dfa = pd.DataFrame({'date':pd.date_range("2016-01-01", periods=55, freq="M"), 
print (dfa.head())
        date  1G  10G
0 2016-01-31 NaN  NaN
1 2016-02-29 NaN  NaN
2 2016-03-31 NaN  NaN
3 2016-04-30 NaN  NaN
4 2016-05-31 NaN  NaN

Or if need DatetimeIndex:

dfa = pd.DataFrame({'1G':np.nan,
                   index=pd.date_range("2016-01-01", periods=55, freq="M"))
print (dfa.head())

            1G  10G
2016-01-31 NaN  NaN
2016-02-29 NaN  NaN
2016-03-31 NaN  NaN
2016-04-30 NaN  NaN
2016-05-31 NaN  NaN

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