PHP range() from A to ZZ?


Is it possible to get a range with PHP from A to ZZ*?

a b c … aa … zx zy zz

For me this didn’t work:

range('A', 'ZZ');

It’s for PHPExcel, when it gives BE as highest field i’d run through all colums. In this case i only get A, B:

range ('A', 'BE')


Just Try this- (tested working fine)

function createColumnsArray($end_column, $first_letters = '')
  $columns = array();
  $length = strlen($end_column);
  $letters = range('A', 'Z');

  // Iterate over 26 letters.
  foreach ($letters as $letter) {
      // Paste the $first_letters before the next.
      $column = $first_letters . $letter;

      // Add the column to the final array.
      $columns[] = $column;

      // If it was the end column that was added, return the columns.
      if ($column == $end_column)
          return $columns;

  // Add the column children.
  foreach ($columns as $column) {
      // Don't itterate if the $end_column was already set in a previous itteration.
      // Stop iterating if you've reached the maximum character length.
      if (!in_array($end_column, $columns) && strlen($column) < $length) {
          $new_columns = createColumnsArray($end_column, $column);
          // Merge the new columns which were created with the final columns array.
          $columns = array_merge($columns, $new_columns);

  return $columns;
echo "<pre>";
print_r( createColumnsArray('BZ'));

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