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I’m using Restangular to make my API call for a single object, like this:

$ = { name : "box_a" , id : 1 };


But now, the user can select multiple boxes to add at once. So, I want to post multiple objects to my API, but I need to wait for each request until it’s done, or my database will ‘lock’…

My quick-add objects are the following:

$scope.boxes = [
    { name : "box_a" , id : 1 },
    { name : "box_b" , id : 2 },
    { name : "box_c" , id : 3 }

How can I create a promise chain by looping through my $scope.boxes? I can’t quite figure out how to create an array of promises with Restangular…


I don’t know much about restangular, but you could chain those requests with a reduce function like:

$scope.boxes.reduce(function(promise, newBox){
    return promise.then(function(){

      return Restangular.all('boxes/')
  }, $q.resolve());

I’ve made a fiddle (wihout restangular, just a post call) and it seems to work.

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