Prevent Django Pipeline from post processing certain files


I’m currently implementing Django Pipeline to minify my CSS/JS but I would like to stop it appending unique identifiers to certain files.

This is because I am using django-tinymce and certain popups fail due to Django Pipeline. I get the following error message:

"The requested URL /static/tiny_mce/plugins/table/table.htm/ was not found on this server.

As Django pipeline has changed table.htm to:

Post-processed 'tiny_mce/plugins/table/table.htm' as 'tiny_mce/plugins/table/table.88fb36057ec1.htm

If anyone knows how to turn this bit off on certain apps I would appreciate it as I can;t find anything in the docs.


Just worked out the issue was Apache adding a forward slash to the url, not a problem with django-pipeline.

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