Prevent Duplicate Append data in JavaScript and Html


I have one HTML table and I don’t want the value of second column to repeat in the grid.
Here is my JavaScript:

var $addedProductCodes = [];

function getProductData(value){

        var index = $.inArray($td_productCode, $addedProductCodes);
        if (index >= 0) {
                alert("You already added this Product");
            } else {
                $('#test').append("<tr><td>"+ value +"</td></tr>");

and Html

    <tbody  id="test">
    <td><input type="text" id="sales-product-code" name="cm_code[]" value="" class="sales-product-code"/> </td>

Please help me out. Help is highly appreciated.


The call to

$('#test').append("<tr><td>"+ value +"</td></tr>") 

should be replaced with

$('#test tr:last').after("<tr><td>" + value + "</td></tr>").

I created a JSFiddle example.

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