Property ngClass is not provided by any applicable directives nor by div element


If i want to use ngClass, ngStyle or ngIf i get the following errormessage:

Error Message

My app.module.ts includes BrowserModule and CommonModule imports. And my Components are in the declarations.

I tried restart ng serve and npm install.


Any Ideas how to fix this?


As you said, everything works fine when your project is builded/launched in your browser. So it’s an issue with your IDE.

You have multiple solutions

  • update your Intellij, if it’s already updated …
  • … invalidate your cache, if it’s still doesn’t work
  • delete your node module and recreate it (this fixed your issue here
  • reinstall it/create new project
  • or … switch to VSCode while Intellij is fixing your bug

Answered By – Pilpo

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