Pubishing to rpubs existing html file


I am trying to publish to rpubs a html file generated from a rmd using knithtml. However, the knitting takes too long to run and i would not want to rerun the whole knit process again just to make minor changes to the appearance of the html document.

I cannot seem to find the publish button the moment i close the html file and reopen it again.


Install the package markdown then you can try the code:

result <- rpubsUpload(title='Your title',htmlFile='your_html_file_and_path.html',method=getOption('rpubs.upload.method','auto')

A successful upload would return 2 values in result, which are website addresses. Copy and paste the continueUrl into your browser to complete the upload.

Or you can use the function:


to go straight the webpage using the default browser.

Note that I am sure there is an automated way of uploading without using the browser but this is the only way I know right now.

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