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I’ve been searching for a solution here on Stackoverflow or Google, but unfortunately I couldn’t find any solution.
I’m trying to do webscrape on a website, but I can not click on a button with Python + Selenium + Chrome webdriver.

The HTML code on the website:

<button type="button" ng-click="launch()" title="HTTP/HTTPS: WebSQL">
<div class="flex-column-centered">
    <f-icon class="bookmark-icon-large fa-globe" ng-class="TYPE_MAP[bookmark.apptype].icon"></f-icon>
    <span class="ng-binding">WebSQL</span>
</div> </button>

I understand that is AngularJS and I tried CSS selector and Xpath, none of these seem to work in my case.
Any help would be appreciated!


Can you try this xpath :


I would suggest you to have explicit wait like this :

WebDriverWait(driver , 10).until(EC.element_to_be_clickable((By.XPATH, "//span[text()='WebSQL']/../.."))).click()

Imports :

from import WebDriverWait
from import By
from import expected_conditions as EC

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