Re-render Nativescript ListView when ObservableArray item changes


This is how I render the cases ObservableArray in my view

<ListView [items]="cases" class="list-group" *ngIf="cases">
    <ng-template let-case="item">

Say cases has these values:

cases = [{id: 1, name: "Sam"}, {id: 2, name: "Romio"}]

How can I get my ListView to re-render or somehow update the view when I update the first item like this?

cases[0]["name"] = "Michael"


Have you tried to do apply the change in NgZone? I used this to update an array (not ObservableArray) and the corresponding RadListView automatically was updating. => {

            (fileId) => {
        (error) => {
           this handleError(error);

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