Reading image from array outputs invalid shape error


I am very new at working with images in Python. I have an assignment which requires me to perform some preprocessing in images, which are given to me from an NPZ file. I have, then, split the data into train, validation and testing, and this is how it looks:

train_set = PathMNIST(mode="train") #89996
val_set = PathMNIST(mode="val") #10004
test_set = PathMNIST(mode="test") #7180


And each item in the sets looks like this:

(array([220, 208, 227, ..., 222, 209, 228], dtype=uint8), 0)

So, as I understand it, it is a tuple, in which the first position represents the image, and the second position represents a label. What I am trying to do is to read the array in the first position as an image so I can apply some pre processings to it. However, when I try to plot it I get an Invalid shape error:

plt.figure(figsize=(10, 10))
for i, (images, labels) in enumerate(train_set):
  ax = plt.subplot(3, 3, i + 1)

#output: TypeError: Invalid shape (2352,) for image data

So I guess my question is: how do I read that array as an image and treat it as such? I looked at some questions and topics about it, but I cannot make it work for my scenario.


Your array is in 1D of size 2352.

As Christoph mentioned, every data point in the MNIST data set is an RGB image of size (28 * 28 * 3). And each of them have been flattened out to 1D array of size 2352.

We can reshape it using numpy:

b = np.reshape(a, (28, 28,3))

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