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help please, I am writing a telegram bot for feedback, at the moment it works in a private chat (i.e. the user writes to the bot – I answer reply the bot via reply and the user receives SMS from the bot), but does not work in the group chat( in a group I can see the user’s messages, but I can’t reply to the user through reply). it is necessary that any user from the group can reply to the user’s message

 const bot = new Telegraf(token, {});

let replyText = {
    'helloAdmin': '...',
    'helloUser': '...',
    'replyWrong': '....'
let isAdmin = userId => {
    return userId === admin;
let forwardToAdmin = ctx => {
    if (isAdmin( {
    } else {
bot.start(ctx => {
        ? replyText.helloAdmin
        : replyText.helloUser);

bot.on('message', ctx => {
    if (ctx.message.reply_to_message && ctx.message.reply_to_message.forward_from && isAdmin( {
        ctx.telegram.sendCopy(, ctx.message);
    } else {


there is a getChatAdministrators method (, I guess you can use it to get Admins of the group and check if one of them is replied. In that case forward it back to user

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