"Required" validation doesn't work in <select> with default value


I have a required <select> field:

<select name="service_id" class="Sitedropdown" style="width: 220px;" 
        ng-options="service.ServiceID as service.ServiceName for service in services"
  <option value="">Select Service</option> 

When it is empty, the form should display a “Select service” error message. Here’s a working plunker.

It works fine when you intentionally selects the empty option. But when you reload the page, the service_id is empty by default and there is no validation. How to make AngularJS validate the default value?


Your code:

ng-show="myForm.service_id.$dirty && myForm.service_id.$invalid

This means – if value is dirty (was changed) and is invalid. Remove first and you’ll get what you want.

Answered By – Petr Averyanov

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