Rest Angular and Charts API – Need opinion


We are re-building the current product.

1.) Main focus is on UI, Graphical Representation

2.) UI should be responsive, widget like structures.

3.) Graphs should be re-loaded with data at every n seconds

I have gone through few charts API,


fusioncharts // not free

Rest Service will be exposed, Json data will be return. Multiple types of graphs will be used. (Bars/Spikes etc.)

Need help on choosing the good API for Charts that can be integrated with Rest Angular.

Also anything better for widget sort of structure, should adjust according to screen’s. Widgets will be appearing on big screens as well.


ZingChart may be an option worth considering. The AngularJS Charts Directive page contains chart examples that should provide responses to your 3 main concerns.

Full disclosure: I’m on the ZingChart team, so feel free to reach out if you have additional questions on this option.

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