Restangular: How to get HTTP response header?


I have a REST server which returns a Link HTTP header with a response to a PUT to indicate the URL of the newly-created entity:

Link:<entities/6>; rel="created"

Is there any possibility to read that link header with Restangular?

The only facility to intercept HTTP requests with Restangular I’ve met so far is to register a response interceptor in the app config:

restangular.addResponseInterceptor(function (data, operation, what, url, response, deferred) {

However, with above demo implementation in place, the only HTTP header which gets logged is content-type. Still, I can see in the browser development toolbar that a response comes indeed with many additional HTTP response headers, such as Server, Date, and the aforementioned Link.

Why do I not have access to the full array of HTTP response headers through addResponseInterceptor()? Is there any way to capture the HTTP response header in question using Restangular?

Note: I don’t search for an answer using HAL or any other special response body format. I would rather like to know whether I can use plain HTTP headers with Restangular or not (if not, I will probably resort to HAL or something).


You don’t need a ResponseInterceptor to do this. You just need to set fullResponse to true to get the whole response (including the http headers) every time you do any request.


You can set it globally in your app configuration. Something like this:

       function (RestangularProvider) {

Then, every time you receive a response, you can access all the response headers.

Restangular.all('users').getList().then(function(response) {
    $scope.users =;



NOTE: Be careful because using fullResponse, the response data is located in, not directly in response.

EDIT: As @STEVER points, you also need to expose the headers in your server API.

Access-Control-Expose-Headers: Link

You can get more detailed information in Restangular documentation

Hope it helps.

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