Return switchMap inner results in an array like forkJoin


I want to run a set of observables one after another, since each result depends on the previous.
However, at the end I also need all the intermediate results, as they are given when we use forkJoin – in an array.

I have the following code:

     getData$ = getResponses$
              switchMap((data_1) => {
                return getResponse_1$;
              switchMap((data_2) => {
                return getResponse_2$;

getResponse_2$ depends on getResponse_1$ and
getResponse_1$ depends on getResponses$

I want the final results i.e. getData$ to be an array of the intermediate results (like forkJoin).
Is there such a way?


You can try something like the following:

// Let's consider that you have the following observables:
const getResponses$ = of('Text');
const getResponse_1$ = of(1);
const getResponse_2$ = of(true);

// The type of getData$ will be: Observable<[data: string, data_1: number, data_2: boolean]>
const getData$ = getResponses$.pipe(
  switchMap((data) =>
    getResponse_1$.pipe(map((data_1) => ({ data, data_1 })))
  switchMap(({ data, data_1 }) =>
      map((data_2) => {
        const res: [data: string, data_1: number, data_2: boolean] = [
        return res;

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