Reusable list of custom components in Angular


I want to create reusable SortedList Component in Angular5. The list should accept any array of listItems (objects) as attribute. From ListContainer component I want to use the list and pass a list item template as follows:

<div class='list-container'>
<SortedList [items]='getListItems()' [categories]='getSortCategories()' >
  <ACustomItem [item]='item'></AcustomItem>

ACustomItem will be any component that accepts [item], the html will vary depends on implementation.

Inside my SortList I have:

<div class='sorted-list'>
  <div class='sorted-list__header'>
    <div class='sorted-list__header-title'>{{title}}</div>
    <select [(ngModel)]='selectedCategory' (ngModelChange)='onCategoryChange($event)'>
      <option *ngFor='let category of categories' [ngValue]=''>{{}}</option>
  <div class='sorted-list__body'>
    <div *ngFor="let item of data | orderBy: ">

Above does not work, what is missing here? I assume I need to use ng-template here but not sure how it should be embedded here?


I found this solution and modified it for Angular 5 and your specific components. As ngOutletContext was removed from version 5 of Angular here is an example in stackblitz.

SortedList component template

<div *ngFor="let item of items">
    <template [ngTemplateOutletContext]='{item: item}' [ngTemplateOutlet]="templateVariable"></template>

SortedList component ts

@Input() items: any[];
@ContentChild(TemplateRef) templateVariable: TemplateRef<any>;

App component template

<app-sorted-list [items]="myItems">
    <ng-template let-item="item">
        <!--Here can be any component-->
        <app-sorted-list-item [item]="item"></app-sorted-list-item>

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